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The U.K

Whether it's studying Humanities at Oxford or the hard sciences at Cambridge, the U.K. has forged its position as a prestigious destination for research-based education. Candidates can submit their applications to a maximum of five universities via the UCAS portal which helps universities determine an applicant's profile strength on the basis of predicted scores, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, extra-curricular activities and details of work experience.

Our counselors and academic mentors help you identify the top five universities that are the right fit for you on the basis of your intended major and overall profile. We provide one-on-one guidance on shortlisted universities, and assist in preparing and polishing your SOPs, and finding the right internship opportunities that can help you gain admission to your top schools in the U. K.

Top universities:

King’s College London

Oxford University

Cambridge University

University of Edinburgh

University of St. Andrews

Durham University


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