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Exploring Opportunities for Indian Students to Study Law Overseas: Compatible Law Programs & Pathway

Studying law overseas can be an enriching experience for Indian students, offering them a global perspective on legal systems and expanding their career opportunities. This blog aims to provide guidance on how Indian students can pursue law programs abroad and explores countries whose legal systems are compatible with the Indian legal system.

Indian legal education follows a common law system, derived from British law. Therefore, countries with a similar legal framework can provide a smoother transition for Indian law students. Some common law jurisdictions compatible with the Indian legal system include:

  • United Kingdom (UK): The UK offers prestigious law schools and a legal system closely aligned with Indian law. Indian students can pursue the LLB (Bachelor of Laws) program which is compatible with the Indian legal system. Students also have the option of pursuing a different undergraduate course and then completing an undergraduate degree in medicine.

  • Australia: Australia offers three-year LLB programs compatible with the Indian legal system. Indian students can choose to pursue a straight undergraduate route or opt for a pre-law degree in a subject related to or different from law. Upon completion of the LLB degree, graduates can practice law in Australia or return to India.

  • Spain (IE University): The undergraduate degree in law offered by IE University is also compatible with the Indian legal system. This provides Indian students with an alternative option to study law overseas.

Undergraduate Studies in Law in the US and Canada

For Indian students interested in pursuing undergraduate law studies in the US and Canada, a different approach is required. Typically, students need to complete a bachelor's degree in a course rooted in subjects related to law, such as politics or international relations, before applying for their bachelor's in law. This pathway extends the undergraduate course’s duration to a minimum of 7 to 8 years.

Indian Legal System and Licensing

India offers a five-year integrated program in law, enabling students to study law directly after completing secondary education. However, if Indian students study law overseas and return to India to practice law, they will need a legal license and must appear for the bar council exam to gain recognition and practice locally.

Some Popular Law Programs:

United Kingdom



Studying law overseas provides Indian students with a global perspective and expands their career opportunities. Compatible law programs are available in common law jurisdictions such as the UK, Australia, and Spain, offering undergraduate and postgraduate options. It is important to consider the different pathways and duration of studies, especially when pursuing undergraduate medicine studies in the US and Canada. Ultimately, Indian students who choose to study law overseas and return to practice in India will need to comply with local licensing requirements.

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