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Home to the world’s leading research universities, liberal arts colleges, and the prestigious Ivy League consortium, the U.S. boasts its position as one of the leading international destinations for higher education. Recognized for their interdisciplinary education and flexible curriculum, American Universities follow the Common Application which opens up in August every year for admissions entry into the subsequent academic year.

U. S. institutions look for the right 'fit' and demand a holistic profile from applicants which includes personal essays, resume, details of extra-curricular activities, letter of recommendations, standardized test scores, portfolios, and in some cases, an additional interview. Personal essays form a crucial component of the application and can be the ‘make or break factor in assessing one's candidacy for admission.

Reach out to us to find out how you can build a robust profile and gain competitive advantage for entry into your 'dream' universities.

We have helped students get into some of the top universities in the U. S.

University of Pennsylvania

Harvard University

Columbia University

University of California, Berkeley

New York University

Tufts University

University of Southern California


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