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Mother of a thirteen-year-old: My daughter moves into IGCSE soon. What subjects should she take? She aspires to study in the US

Mother of a 3-year-old: What school should I choose for my daughter?

Father of a fourteen-year-old: I want to send my son to boarding school next year. Millfield or Gordonstourn? Sevenoaks or Eaton? Marlborough or UWC? Philip’s Academy or Walnut Hill?

Father of a 3-year-old: What curriculum should I choose for my son? Indian High School Curriculum (CBSE/ICSE), IB? Cambridge? American Curriculum?

Sixteen-year-old student: I love Psychology. Should I pursue Human Resources as a career or Criminology? Clinical Health or Counselling Psychology? Media and Marketing or Art Therapy?

Twenty-year-old: I am loving every bit of my experience studying Computer Science at St. Andrew’s. Best Decision of my life. I now wish to go for a MS in Artificial Intelligence in the US. How do I go about it?

Twenty-five year old: Schooling at Doon School, Dehradun, India (tick emoticon) | Undergraduate Studies in Economics from UC Berkeley (tick emoticon) | Research Analyst at E&Y (tick emoticon) | Time to go for MBA - which colleges to select? GMAT or GRE? Essays? Letters of Recommendation?

Six-year-old boy: I love playing with gadgets. I am curious how they are made. How can I learn more about the science behind them?

Twelve-year-old student-athlete: I eat, drink, walk, sleep, play golf. How can I be admitted into TOP US universities on the basis of golf?

Mother of a seventeen-year-old: I want my child to the only study in India. Ashoka University is our top choice. How do I make it happen?

Eight-year-old girl: I love to dance. I love to sing. I love to act. I love to paint. Art is my thing. How do I become the next holistic artist in being?

Father of a fourteen-year-old: I went to Harvard University for my grad studies. Came back a new leaf. Set up my business. Grew it by leaps. I’d like my son to leverage it and make it bigger. Which is the BEST university for UG studies focussed on ‘family business’?

Fifteen-year-old: Which summer school to choose? Oxford or UPenn? Credit-Based or Non-Credit Based? 2 weeks or 3 weeks?

Thirteen-year-old confused student: EXAMSSSSS… SAT? ACT? TOEFL? IELTS? AP? What are these? Do I need to take them? If yes, when? How to prepare for these?

We’ve got your back for ALL of these!!


Starting Point: 


Fix a personalized 1-2-1 counseling session with our Principal Counsellor, Mr. Punnya Vij to seek answers to ALL your queries.


Three-step approach


Step 1: Psycho-Aptitude Analysis and Comprehensive Profile Evaluation of every student before the first session


Step 2: Detailed Counselling session with the Parent and the Student


Step 3: Student comes on board and works towards a Winning Story!

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Our counseling services cover all aspects of the college admissions process until the student has left for university:


  1. Creating the final college list and filling out the application forms. 

  2. Brainstorming on essays, guidance on writing the first (student) draft of the college essays, and review and edits on ALL essays involved.

  3. Guidance on profile development: assistance with research papers, community/independent/impact projects, and preparation of the final CV draft.

  4. Thorough guidance on Letters of recommendation (sometimes these letters may be required from employers where the student does an internship or a family member whom we can show as a positive influence on the student or anybody else who's influenced the student positively - we conceptualize and help with producing this document in the most effectual manner.)

  5. Interview Prep and mock interviews (every university that has an interview - we will do at least 1-2 mock drills with the student)

  6. Selecting the best-fit college once all offers have been received based on a systematic SWOT analysis

  7. University 101 session: prior to the student departing for college (guidance on what all to prep for). Organizing personal university visits to meet with admission officers, if required.

  8. Student visa full application assistance and help in finding university accommodation

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EduCoach is a largely virtual company with over 90% of our meetings and operations managed fully virtually. However, 10% of our meetings do happen offline. 

S-318 A, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi-110017, Delhi, India

+91-98182 11047

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