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Standardised Tests
& Tutoring support 


We offer comprehensive diagnostic assessments and coaching services for a wide range of standardised tests, including the SAT, ACT, Advanced Placement (AP) exams in subjects such as Mechanics, Physics, Math, English, Statistics, Calculus, and more, as well as the GRE, GMAT, LNAT, and IELTS.

Here's how we can help you excel in your standardised tests:


Diagnostic Assessments

Take advantage of our diagnostic assessments tailored to each test, providing you with valuable insights into your strengths and areas for improvement. Our assessments are designed to accurately gauge your current proficiency level and guide our coaching approach.


Coaching Services

Receive personalised coaching and support from experienced instructors who specialise in each respective test. Our coaching sessions are structured to target specific areas of improvement, helping you develop the skills and strategies needed to achieve your target scores.


In-Depth Analysis

Upon completing your diagnostic assessment, you'll receive a comprehensive analysis of your performance, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. This analysis serves as a roadmap for your test preparation journey, enabling you to focus your efforts effectively.

In addition to standardised test preparation, we also offer tutoring support for students enrolled in A/AS Level, IB, and IGCSE programs. Our tutoring services cover a variety of subjects, including English, Math, Physics, and more.

Here's how our tutoring support can benefit you:


IB Tutoring

Whether you need assistance with English, Math, Physics, or other subjects, our IB tutors provide personalised support tailored to your learning needs and curriculum requirements.


IGCSE Tutoring

Our experienced tutors offer guidance and instruction in English, Math, Physics, and other subjects covered in the IGCSE curriculum, helping you excel in your exams.


A/AS Level Tutoring

Receive expert tutoring in English, Math, and other subjects at the A/AS Level, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in your coursework and exams.

Unlock Your Potential

With our comprehensive diagnostic assessments, coaching services, and tutoring support, you'll be well-equipped to achieve your academic goals and excel in your standardized tests and coursework. Take your diagnostic assessment today and embark on your journey to academic success!

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