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Isha Manchanda

Head, Boarding Schools Admissions

Introducing Ms. Isha, the multi-talented and dynamic professional at EduCoach. With a diverse background in journalism, literature, education, and drama therapy, Ms. Isha excels as a counselor and humanities mentor. She is dedicated to empowering students to forge their own paths to success, fostering autonomy, independent thinking, and problem-solving skills through engaging and collaborative methods.

Ms. Isha serves as the Head of the Boarding Schools Department at EduCoach, where she oversees all aspects of boarding school placements and student support. Additionally, she is an expert SAT and AP mentor, providing specialized guidance to help students excel in these critical examinations.

Ms. Isha's unique blend of skills and experience makes her an invaluable asset to the EduCoach team. Her commitment to excellence and innovative approach to education position her as a formidable force within the organization.

Isha Manchanda
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