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Punnya Vij

Founder, Managing Director,
Principal Counsellor

Punnya Vij believes in the 'walk the talk' approach. Having been a serial academic topper, both in class X and class XII in high school (In class X, he was declared as Delhi Topper and India Rank #2), with near-perfect SAT grades, and a successful applicant to most top universities, both in India, and overseas, with a high scholarship, he has mastered the process enough to pave the way for others through his 'top secret approach'.

An alum of St Stephen's College, University of Delhi, Mr Punnya Vij is often called the Harvard whisperer by parents and students alike for his stellar record of placing undergraduate students at Harvard as well as several other Ivy League and Ivy kind colleges in the US such as UPenn, Columbia, New York University, Duke, MIT, Stanford, to name a few as well as other prestigious universities around the world such as Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Trinity College Dublin, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of St Andrew's, Imperial College London, National University of Singapore, etc. Mr Punnya Vij is equally reputed for his stellar track record for postgraduate admissions (Masters of Science / Masters of Arts / Masters in Management / Masters in Business Administration (MBA) as well as PhD applications.

Having guided and taught over 50,000 students to date, Punnya secures utmost joy and gratification in shaping the careers of students. He not only counsels students but also trains them personally in standardized exams SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, A Levels, IBDP, IGCSE, to name a few. He is often called the Harvard whisperer by parents and students alike.

Mr Punnya Vij is young, youthful, gentle yet thorough, erudite and highly meticulous. This perfect skill combination makes him a dependable guide for his students and parents.  

Punnya Vij
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