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Shalu Bhatia

Senior Associate, HR
Head, External Partnerships & Student Visas

Ms. Shalu Bhatia, the esteemed coordinator of outreach and talent recruitment at EduCoach. Ms. Bhatia excels in managing outreach efforts and ensuring seamless operations for new students. Her responsibilities encompass coordinating initial sessions, overseeing onboarding processes, and handling logistics with exceptional efficiency.

In addition to her coordination duties, Ms. Bhatia is the head of talent recruitment at EduCoach. She recognizes that the key to organizational success lies in having the right team members and is dedicated to identifying top talent. Once new staff members join EduCoach, Ms. Bhatia ensures they receive comprehensive in-house training to perform their roles with utmost professionalism.

Furthermore, Ms. Bhatia is a pivotal force in maintaining high employee morale. She understands that a motivated and positive workforce is crucial for productivity and is constantly seeking ways to enhance morale, confidence, and energy levels within the team. Her infectious positivity and enthusiasm are instrumental in fostering a vibrant and supportive work environment.

Shalu Bhatia
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