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Siddharth Sharma

Head of Media & Digital Portfolio

Mr. Siddharth, the esteemed expert in animation and film at EduCoach. With a distinguished career in documentary filmmaking and commercial production, Mr. Siddharth possesses a remarkable talent for bringing creative ideas to life on the screen. His expertise extends beyond film; he is also proficient in website development and assisting students in designing impressive digital profiles for their college applications. Mr. Siddharth's keen understanding of what admissions officers seek ensures that students create compelling and standout digital presences.

In addition to his creative prowess, Mr. Siddharth manages the marketing efforts at EduCoach, leveraging his skills to enhance the organization's outreach and engagement. He is also a seasoned visa application consultant, expertly guiding students through the complexities of the visa application process to ensure they are well-prepared to travel and explore new academic opportunities worldwide.

Mr. Siddharth's multifaceted skills in animation, film, website design, digital profile development, marketing, and visa application assistance make him an invaluable asset to EduCoach. His commitment to helping students realize their visions and achieve their goals positions him as a vital mentor and guide within the organization.

Siddharth Sharma
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