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Stuti Khemka

Senior Associate, Career Mentor
Head, PG Admissions

Ms. Stuti, an exceptional professional dedicated to student empowerment and success. With an MPhil in Clinical Psychology, Ms. Stuti has been effectively guiding and mentoring students for years. Her approach centers on enabling students to take control of their lives, fostering their growth through counseling, teaching, and mentoring. Her innate empathy and understanding allow her to connect deeply with students, helping them identify and build upon their strengths to boost their skills and confidence across various aspects of their lives.

Ms. Stuti possesses a profound understanding of the student psyche, with an intuitive ability to discern what motivates each individual. Her dynamic presence can quiet a room full of students with a single look or energize them when the situation calls for it. She is also the Head of Postgraduate Admissions at EduCoach, where she oversees and guides students through the complex process of securing admission to postgraduate programs.

Beyond her professional expertise, Ms. Stuti is a trained Indian classical singer and a Kathak dancer. An avid reader, she boasts an extensive personal library. Despite her self-professed challenges with mathematics, she successfully guided a student to secure admission to Columbia University, Class of 2026, for an Applied Mathematics major.

Ms. Stuti's unique blend of compassion, insight, and diverse talents makes her an invaluable guide for students navigating the complexities of higher education. Her dedication to student success and her leadership in postgraduate admissions position her as an outstanding mentor and an inspiring force within the EduCoach team.

Stuti Khemka
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