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Sumit Sadawarti

Manager, Career Mentor
Head, UG Admissions

Mr. Sumit, a versatile and dynamic professional at EduCoach. With a liberal arts education from Ashoka University and a deep interest in culture, music, and society, Mr. Sumit excels in helping students appreciate the value of multidisciplinary education and develop robust profiles for university admissions.

In addition to his academic and counseling skills, Mr. Sumit is an accomplished musician who has performed in over a hundred concerts. His notable achievements include being the only Indian participant in Season Two of Asia's Got Talent and performing with 16-time Grammy-winning producer and pianist David Foster.

Mr. Sumit also serves as the Head of Undergraduate Admissions at EduCoach, where he leads the process with dedication and insight. His multifaceted talents extend to managing various operations within the organization, ensuring smooth and efficient workflows.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Mr. Sumit indulges his inner geek by binge-watching anime, following Marvel comics, transcribing music, sketching, and playing the piano. He embodies the "eat-sleep-work-sing-rave-repeat" philosophy, balancing his diverse interests with his commitment to student success.

If you're seeking a quirky and well-rounded consultant who can help you build a strong university application while serenading you with sweet melodies, Mr. Sumit is your ideal guide. His unique blend of talents and expertise makes him an invaluable asset to EduCoach.

Sumit Sadawarti
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