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Vandana Bhatia

Head, Testprep & Administration

Vandana Bhatia is a seasoned educator with over 16 years of experience in primary education, primarily with Delhi Public School (DPS). Her roles have ranged from teaching to leadership positions such as Academic Coordinator, where she shaped curriculum standards for academic excellence, and Admission Counseling, guiding families through enrollment processes.

In addition to her teaching career, Vandana has excelled in various administrative roles, including Time Table Incharge and School Magazine Coordinator, showcasing her organizational skills and creativity. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University and a Bachelor of Education from Maharshi Dayanand University, which have equipped her with the necessary pedagogical knowledge.

Beyond her work at DPS, Vandana contributes to educational outreach at EduCoach services. In her role as Associate Head of TestPrep and Head of Administration, she ensures students are prepared for standardized tests and oversees administrative tasks, furthering her commitment to enhancing the educational experience. With her diverse experience and passion for education, Vandana continues to shape young minds and foster a conducive learning environment.

Vandana Bhatia
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